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Spring 2008 Listing

The games below are up for Reservations. The ones our players are most interested in (i.e. as soon as we receive enough Reserved orders) will be published beginning in Spring, 2008

Battles of the Napoleonic Empire (BNE)

Roughly similar in scale to the BACW series (400m hexes, @1 hour turns), Battles of the Napoleonic Empire was built from the ground up to show the different tactical reality of early 19th century battles. Command structures model the developed military systems of the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic periods. Unit morale is tracked explicitly and is a key part of combat resolution.

Maida 1806. Introductory game for the system. A clash between Division sized French and British forces in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies, 1806. A straightforward soldiers' battle where both sides attacked fiercely. Players explore the intricacies of Napoleonic combat. Low Complexity. $29

Borodino - Russia 1812. A compact, intense battle between the main armies of the Russian and French Empires. The game showcases the difficulty of commanding large Napoleonic Armies, and the heavy casualties needed to win these gigantic melees. Includes the battle for Schevardino Redoubt. Moderate $39

Murat's Last Battle - Tolentino 1815. A colorful contest between the Murat's Neapolitan army and Bianchi's pedestrian but veteran Austrian Corps. The "first battle of Italy's Wars of Independence", Tolentino is a challenging contest for either side. Each "player role" involves committing command attention to just the right actions, while trusting lesser subordinates carry out important tasks. Moderate complexity $39

Prince Eugene in Italy Three small battles that show the operational art of Eugene de Beauharnais, Napoleon's adopted son & Viceroy of Italy: Battles of the Sacile and the Piave, 1809 (where Eugene first fumbled, then recovered, driving Austria out of North Italy) and the Mincio, 1814, where he reached for Great Captain status by defeating an enemy that outnumbered him more than 2:1. Moderate complexity $59

Salamanca - Wellington's Masterpiece. Wellington defeats Marmont in a maneuver battle that tests each player's imagination. Salamanca stretches the BNE system nearly to its limit with hidden deployment, leader orders and initiative and a complex set of victory conditions. Is your opponent trying to beat you on the battlefield, cut you off from your line of communications, capture or destroy your Army Train or simply gobble up your pickets and screening forces? You'll need to keep all those possibilities, as well as your own operational concept, in mind to win this one. Moderate complexity $44

Campaigns of the Second World War

Operation HuskyOperation Husky, 1943 Sicily was the testbed for our new operational level series because it is a self-contained campaign featuring dueling Air Forces, Amphibious invasion and complex ground action with clear cut but divergent objectives. Unsurprisingly, it is a challenging contest for both players.
Moderate complexity $39.

Manstein's Triumph The struggle to secure Hitler's southern flank went on over the winter of 1941-42. Brilliant use of the Red Navy's Black Sea fleet removed the Odessa army to the great fortress of Sevastopol and landed two Armies on the Kerch Peninsula. Only an equally brilliant German offensive and the fighting power of Wehrmacht landsers brought the campaign to an end by spring. Moderate complexity $39.

Tunisia - End of the Beginning Four very different armies contend in the rugged Tunisian mountains. The Axis seeks to gain time and preserve Italy as an Axis partner, the Allies to open the Mediterranean sea to Allied shipping and prepare to invade Europe. Moderate complexity $44.

Anvil-Dragoon Allied invasion of South France, August 1944. The Germans must deny the Allies the great ports of Marseilles and Toulon and preserve their far flung garrisons. The Allies must conduct a campaign of mobile maneuver, link up with Patton's Third Army, while opening up vital supply lines. Time is the enemy of each side in this fast paced campaign. Moderate complexity $39.

Operation Merkur - Crete, 1941 A minigame of the final episode of Hitler's Balkans Campaign. Plan and execute an island invasion against the Royal Navy and some of the Commonwealth's finest soldiers. Or hold Crete against the cream of the Luftwaffe. An intricate puzzle for each side. This is the deluxe version of the game featured in Winter Special Operations.
Moderate complexity $29.

Battles of the American Civil War

The games below extend the BACW series to simulate the more complex command situations and confusion characteristic of soldiers' battles. Moderate complexity. BACW Designer's Notes

Newtonia - War in a Missouri Border Town Deluxe version of the battles featured in
Special Operations 1. With die cut counters & expanded historical notes in a folio format.
Moderate Complexity. $29

Battles for the Heartland. Explores early war battles that shaped the Army of Tennessee: Mill Springs, Perryville & Stones' River. This bundle extends the BACW system by elaborating on command relationships and initiative, and by incorporating the effects of Acoustical Shadow. Mill Springs and Perryville are regimental level, Stones' River brigade level. Moderate Complexity. $64

Maryland, My Maryland 1862. Antietam represented the best opportunity for the Army of the Potomac to win the war at one blow. Major General George B. McClellan's command style was an important part of why this did not occur. Once again, BACW's command and initiative system has to pick up the slack, allowing the Federal player some control of the battle while showing just how the Little Mac's dysfunctional command style prevented complete victory. The Confederate player faces Lee's greatest challenge - winning against 2:1 odds. Includes South Mountain, the precursor to Antietam, and Harper's Ferry, a classic race against time for divergent objectives.
Moderate Complexity. $56

Battle Before Westport. This three-day battle (Oct 21-23, 1864) is a mini-campaign of the largest battle west of the Mississippi. Five cavalry Divisions (2 Federal, 3 Rebel) and the Kansas State Militia maneuver over the heart of modern Kansas City. Battle of Westport uses the command system from Battles for the Heartland, untried Kansas Militia and Confederate conscript regiments. These prairie fights are very different from more familiar eastern combats. Moderate Complexity. $56


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