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This is the download page for Special Operations, LPD Games' e-zine.

Our First Issue - September 2007 - Is Out!

September's feature article is a print-and-play game Newtonia - Civil War on the Missouri Border, debuting the new Orders system for the Battles of the American Civil War game series. The scenarios are challenging battles in their own right, while the Orders feature shapes the historical context and suggests what can happen to a battle when subordinates get the bit in their teeth.

Some other features to check out:

Storyboard - shows how we turn history into game mechanics. The problem is modeling WWII Airborne Operations in our forthcoming Campaigns of the Second World War series, currently in the design stage.

Future Imperfect is a look into the titles and concepts we're looking at, both our in house series and some topics our playtesters and friends have suggested.

A short featurette - Major Differences between Battles of the Napoleonic Era series and Battles of the American Civil War contrasts those two sister engines. Look for much more on this in 2008.

Finally, Behind the Scenes looks at why Battles of the American Civil War made some of the design decisions it did. This time we analyze how artillery works in the game and what is happening in real life.

Here you are: we hope you'll enjoy our e-zine as much as we did preparing it.

Lawrence & Sue Duffield


Special Operations 1

Newtonia (whole) Map

Newtonia Top Half Map, Newtonia Bottom Half Map (these print on 8.5 x 11 paper)

Newtonia Countersheet

Newtonia Cyberboard Gamebox Download (0.8 MB)



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