Policies and Procedures

Fun Interactive Military History

LPD Games would like to let you know how and why we do things. The entries below cover some of the more common ways we interact with our customers and others. If you have a question we don't cover, just ask.

Copyright and Reproduction Policy

LPD Games reserves copyright on all material produced and featured on this website. Our downloadable game Battle of Honey Springs and any of our Historical Articles are freely usable for non-commercial, educational or recreational purposes as long as our authorship is acknowledged and the contents kept unaltered. Other materials, any commercial use, or alteration, must be negotiated with Lawrence or Sue.

Reserved Games

You may indicate your intention to buy games which are still in development by contacting us here: Reserve We will notify you by email, at the website and on our forum beginning 30 days from when these games are available to ship. At that time, you may order the game, which will be shipped to our pre-orders first. All pre-orders will ship as nearly at the same time, on our scheduled release date, as our shipping department can manage.

The primary purpose of our Reserved system is to give us feedback on your interest in the games. Your commitment is not a binding contract, but we would appreciate it if you treat it as an intention to buy the product. This makes the system of maximum use to both of us.

Billing and Shipping Policies

US purchasers of single games will be charged a flat shipping fee of $8.95, which includes shipping and tracking. We will inform our overseas customers of the net cost before we ship. Purchasers of 2 or more games in a single order qualify for free shipping inside the US. International Orders receive either free shipping or a shipping credit of $8.95 per game if shipping exceeds this amount.

All LPD Games which can be ordered are available for immediate shipping. We make every effort to ship within 1 business day of receiving your order. We will inform you by email when the game ships and its estimated arrival date.

Purchases may be paid on line using Visa, Mastercard or Paypal account, or by mail using personal checks or money orders on a US bank. Our price includes CA sales tax on California orders. Other state taxes must be paid by the purchaser. For international orders, destination country customs duty, VAT and any other taxes and fees due are the responsibility of the purchaser. We regret that shipping will be delayed until checks clear. We're not big enough to absorb unnecessary banking risk.

At this time, LPD Games cannot accept credit cards for orders sent by post. Nor do we retain any credit card information longer than it takes to clear your purchase. Even though this is for your protection, and ours, we recognize that it adds a bit of bother to each order. We're sorry, but believe the security of your financial information is worth the extra step.

Whenever possible, we ship using the USPS Priority Mail, with package tracking, inside the US. UPS or FedEx may also be used when this makes more sense. For international shipping we normally use US Postal Services unless specifically requested to use a different shipper. Overseas customers please contact us by email to inform us of your preferences, which we will try to accomodate.


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