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Cyberboard is a PBEM (Play By E-Mail) utility that recreates the map and pieces on your computer screen. Using a Gamebox you and a friend anywhere in the world can play by sending animated moves back and forth over the web.

Playing in this way requires that each player have:

1) the Cyberboard program, a free, downloadable utility you can obtain HERE

2) A Gamebox and Scenario file for the specific game you wish to play. For copyright reasons, at least one of you are required to own a copy of the game in question, and some companies design gameboxes that require physical components, like charts, that come with the game.

For example, the Honey Springs Gamebox, and Honey Springs Standard Scenario file are the two that will let you play either the Downloadable or Deluxe edition over the internet. These contain everything you need to play except the rules, which you can get in pdf form from the Downloadable Edition Honey Springs.

Now Playing

Here are the Gameboxes you need to play:

Battle of Honey Springs (rev. 071007) Gamebox & Scenario File (Zip) 0.5 MB

Battle of Gettysburg (rev. 100107) Gamebox & Scenario File (Zip) 2.4 MB

Grant's Early Battles (rev 101707) Shiloh Gamebox & Scenario File (Zip) 2.4 MB
Fort Donelson Game Box & Scenario File (Zip) (2.4 MB), Belmont Gamebox & Scenario File (Zip) 2.4 MB

Across the Wide Missouri (rev 101707) Pea Ridge Gamebox & Scenario File (Zip) 2.2 MB
Prairie Grove Gamebox & Scenario File (Zip) (1.2 MB), Wilson's Creek Gamebox & Scenario File (Zip) 1.2 MB

Newtonia (rev 101707) Newtonia Gamebox & Scenario File (zip) 0.8 MB


Coming Soon: Vassel modules - courtesy of Bill Ashe

Battle of Honey Springs


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