Battle of Honey Springs

Fun Interactive Military History

Honey Springs game sample
Honey Springs is an LPD Games "mini-game", modeling the largest Civil War battle in the Indian Nations. The battle is an interesting little contest which can be played in an hour, featuring a fascinating cast of characters, including major Indian forces on both sides, and the 1st Kansas Colored Volunteers, the West's premier Black regiment. You'll get to meet colorful and eccentric generals like James Blunt (Union) or Confederate General & Indian Agent Dan Cooper.

Honey Springs is also our introduction to the Battles of the American Civil War series, with which it shares core rules, plus a couple of special rules like Unknown Unit Strengths for the Confederate Arkansas Conscripts who ALMOST arrived to save the day, or the effects of Rain on Indian gunpowder. Take Command, North or South, and fight the battle that sealed the fate of Oklahoma!

The Battles of the American Civil War series emphasizes leadership, planning, the effects of surprise, disorder and casualties on army effectiveness. Units represent Sections, Batteries, Squadrons, Battalions and Regiments on each side. Ground and time scales are common to the whole series (400 meters/hex, 1 hour Day Turns and 4-6 hour DAWN & DUSK Turns.)

An alternative (Free) way to get your fingers wet is to download our Cyberboard PBEM gamebox in addition to the DTP game set above. Either way, we hope you'll enjoy your first Battles of the American Civil War experience.

DTP Components are downloadable PDF's.

The files below are the Full Release Edition (1.0 Rev. 070407). They have the same content as the Deluxe Edition Honey Springs. These are freely downloadable for non-commercial use.

Final Edition

• 1x 8 1/2x 11" map (1.1 MB)
• 1 Game Reference card (1 MB)
• 12 p. color rules booklet w/ history & bibliography. (1.25 MB)
• 54" 9/16" game pieces, combat units & markers (.5 MB)
• Battles of the American Civil War Combat Results Table (.4 MB)

Mount these pieces on posterboard and cut out or simply print onto cardstock and glue back-to-back. Assembly time: 15 minutes plus glue drying time.

A Deluxe Edition, with professional components, will be available July, 2007

Deluxe Edition $22


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