Grant's Early Battles

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Grant's Early Battles is a collection of games about Ulysses S. Grant's first experience of command. Grant's earliest battle, Belmont, showcases his aggressive restlessness and tenacity. Fort Donelson was a decisive victory that brought him to the attention of the Union public, while the bloody struggle at Shiloh nearly cost his army and his job.

Grant's Early Battles map and pieces

Grant's Early Battles sample map and piece art

Grant's Early Battles recreates each battle as a game scenario with historical units and arrival times. Belmont, and the single day scenarios of Fort Donelson and Shiloh can be played in two to four hours. The two larger battles also have multi-day actions which make for a challenging 6 to 8 hour games. Various alt-history options change the strategic and operational context, bring in possible reinforcements or show what COULD, but DIDN'T, happen.

Test your leadership, and ability to overcome the effects of surprise, disorder and heavy casualties to win. Units are Battalions through Brigades (Shiloh) or Battery through Regiment (Wilson's Creek and Fort Donelson). This bundle shares series rules with other Battles of the American Civil War games and extends them with rules for Naval combat and Amphibious movement.Take Command, North or South, and replay the early command problems of the Union's greatest general!

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