Battle of Gettysburg

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Battle of Gettysburg is a two player brigade level game depicting the largest battle of the American Civil War. From July 1st to July 4th, 1863 Confederate General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia strove to convert a chance meeting engagement into a decisive victory over the Union Army of the Potomac.

Battle of Gettysburg map and pieces

Battle of Gettysburg sample map and piece art

Battle of Gettysburg recreates specific portions of the battle as game scenarios, using historical units and arrival times. Single day scenarios can be played in two to three hours. The Battle Game covers the entire four day struggle, and makes a challenging all day recreation. Various alt-history options explore some controversial decisions and intriguing what-if's:

Key elements of the game system are leadership, the need for planning and the effect of surprise, disorder and casualties on army effectiveness. Units are infantry, cavalry or artillery Battalions, Regiments and Brigades. This bundle shares a common ground scale (400m/hex), time scale (1 hour turns) and series rules with other Battles of the American Civil War games. Take Command, North or South, and experience the challenge of the Civil War's best known contest!


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