Across the Wide Missouri

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Across the Wide Missouri is a collection of three 2 player games simulating the major Civil War battles in Missouri and Arkansas. Wilson's Creek, the largest battle of the war at the time, features a desperate Union army attacking twice its number of Southern forces. The Federal Army hopes to win by a knockout before the Confederates pull themselves together. Pea Ridge reverses the roles, with some of the same Southern generals attacking to drive the Federal forces from southwest Missouri. The final battle, Prairie Grove, is a double offensive, with an excellent Union Army trying to unite on the battlefield while a larger Confederate force of uncertain quality attempts a "battle of the central position". Take Command, North or South, and replay the battles that decided the Cause in Missouri!

Across the Wide Missourimap and pieces

Across the Wide Missouri sample map and piece art

Each battle is a stand alone game scenario, with historical units and arrival times. Prairie Grove and Wilson's Creek can be played in three to four hours. Pea Ridge is a two day battle with hidden initial deployments, and can take up to 8 hours. Various alt-history options for all three games extend play options and increase the learning value. Possible reinforcements for either side, hidden deployments or other variables show what DIDN'T, but COULD HAVE, happened.

The Battles of the American Civil War game system emphasizes leadership, planning and the effects of surprise, disorder and casualties on army effectiveness. Your units will be Batteries of artillery, Squadrons or Battalions and Regiments of foot or mounted soldiers. This bundle shares common rules with other Battles of the American Civil War games, including ground (400meters / hex) and time (1 hour Turn) scales, and adds rules for Unknown Unit Strengths and Hidden Deployment.


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