BACW Consolidated Errata

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Production Problems

Some of the first customers got poorly proofed maps (Donelson, Belmont, Shiloh) or charts (Donelson again; the Order of Appearance chart isn't quite right) - those items we're planning to replace shortly. All currently shipping games have corrected parts.

Early Battle of Gettysburg rules sets had an incorrect illustration of CSA July 2nd losses, and irritating typos on two Order of Appearance Charts. McLaws has 2 infantry brigade casualties, which affects, in turn, victory conditions and other rules. These rules booklets & charts will be replaced.

LPD Games is set up for short run/publish on demand for a good portion of the game components, so we can correct problems so as not to burden our best customers with errata. It would be better to not have them, but our next perfect game will be our first.


There are relatively few errata. Different players have expressed difficulty learning some of the rules areas, particularly officers and artillery. Consulting the BACW Rules Q&A will be helpful to many people. While the system is relatively simple, some subtleties are needed to model all the different tactical situations needed in a comprehensive tactical system.

At any rate, here are the outright goofs:

BACW system

(omission) The values for Demoralization and Fatigue are calculated using Good Order CV's

Battle of Gettysburg

"Division Attack"

(typo) The word "Brigade" in the second line should have been "Division".

Maximum Confederate Effort alternate scenario

(typo) Colquitt starts in place of either Pettigrew (2902) or Davis (2803) in the Maximum Effort scenario. I have no idea where the other numbers came from.

Across the Wide Missouri

TEC: Line of Fire example:

(incorrect illustration) Totten's battery has a Line of Fire to hex 1106.

Ulysses S. Grant's Early Battles

By far the most difficulties have surfaced with Grant's Early Battles. It appears the final post-proof edition wasn't the one that was printed, with corresponding results. See above. New games being shipped have corrected these problems.

Battle of Honey Springs


Creek. (omission) Shift if all adjacent attackers cross creek, ford or bridge.

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