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LPD Games is a small company with big goals. We want to present to you well crafted, playable and fun games on a variety of historical topics. Our first offerings are in a field of US military history we know well - the American Civil War.

Principals Lawrence and Sue Duffield share a lifelong interest in US and American Indian history and teaching. Lawrence is also a Grognard of, at last count, over 40 years experience in Miniatures, Board and Role Playing Games.

Beginning with Tactics II and Jack Scruby's miniatures, Lawrence has earned his Grognard status fairly (He almost completed a solitaire game of 1914 in his bunker in Viet Nam). Afterwards Lawrence taught learning enrichment to teens, ran a game store for over a decade and a game convention for nearly two, and competed ferociously in most forms of board and miniatures gaming. Pursuing avocations of gaming and history, Lawrence published historical miniatures rules covering eras from Marlborough through the Second World War. The Battles of the American Civil War game engine incorporates nearly thirty years of researched. This is his first foray into boardgame publishing.

LPD Games ideal offering has a competitive, balanced scenario that plays in 2 to 4 hours, with simple mechanics that highlight the complex decisions needed in the historical situation. Elaborating on this basic structure, we add room for the more interesting alternate history possibilities surrounding the event. Every game has a magazine article length narrative to inform the players of important aspects of the strategic situation and outline how the battle actually "played out". If we've awakened your interest in the topic enough, there's a working bibliography of our sources to move your own learning forward.

Our primary focus is on fun military history games for adults. We also design simpler, faster historical simulations to supplement classroom or home school instruction modules for pre- and early teens. These include handout materials and leaders guides, and are paced for 40 minute instruction units. Our Classrooms series is still in the Design stage. Watch our Future Games listings for availability.

Playtesters Wanted

LPD Games is looking for a few good playtesters. Do you have an in-depth knowledge of the American Civil War or the Napoleonic Wars? Experience in editing or proofreading? Are you a wicked sharp game player, with an eye for exploiting rules loopholes? You may be just the person we're looking for. Read our playtester's guidelines. If you are willing to give your detailed attention to one of our games, you may get your own signed copy or qualify as one of our Most Valuable Playtesters. At the very least, you will see the game benefit from the polish you put on it, and contribute to its fun, accuracy and ease of play. Give us a shout!

Designers and Illustrators

Do you have a game you'd like us to review or an interest in military art, cartography or game design? A knack for Cyberboard, ADC2 or Vassel game sets? We'd like to hear from you. Check out our guidelines and let us know what your vision is. We'll both be glad you did.

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