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New Spring 2008 Games

Maida 1806 - our Battles of the Napoleonic Empire introductory game - coming soon!

Maida Beta Map

Check out our Spring 2008 titles here.

We will be introducing Battles of the Napoleonic Empire and Campaigns of the Second World War game engines and adding new Battles of the American Civil War titles to our game list. Help us choose the next releases; Reserve your favorites now.

All-in-One BACW Bundle Offer

Battles of the American Civil War - Free shipping in the US (or overseas shipping credit). See details on our order page.

Battles of the American Civil War games give you a notion of how battles were fought and the difficulties Union and Confederate generals faced. Try our battles with a friend. Perhaps your choices, with a bit of luck, will bring victory.

Try out the BACW system - with Honey Springs , our Free Print-and-Play download with Cyberboard kit. Let us know what you think.

Our Game History section has further study resources for this fascinating period in United States history. Read articles on the background and strategic situations portrayed in our games. Join our friends in LPD Games' discussion forum on ConSimWorld, where conflict simulation fans hang out on line. Or download our free e-zine Special Operations for a look behind the scenes in the Game Lab.


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